Life Insurance

What is the RIGHT kind of life insurance? All policies are not the same. Some give coverage for your lifetime (like owning a home) and others only cover you for a specific number of years (like renting an apartment). One policy will be there when you need it, and unfortunately the other will have expired when you need it most. One is called permanent insurance and the other is called term. One is for you and your spouse, and the other is for children, loans and mortgages. Final Expenses, Cash, Education and Taxes are just a few things that should be considered. Be sure you get the RIGHT advice, call us. Erie’s financial strength will be there to meet the need.

Health Insurance

Golden Rule offers easy-to-understand, affordable health insurance designed for individuals and families in times of need. There is even a Short Term medical plan that can “bridge the gaps” in health insurance coverage when changing jobs, when a child graduates or leaves home or you have retired and waiting for Medicare eligibility. With Golden Rule, you can choose from a range of deductibles, payment options and length of coverage that best meets your needs. And, you have access to a wide choice of physicians and health care facilities.